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Water Demand Reduction During Summer Months

Organo Naandi community members continue to demonstrate the spirit of sustainability. And this is what inspired us to continue building more eco-habitats and create physical infrastructure for families wanting to live more responsibly. As a responsible community, members of Organo Naandi understand the importance of water conservation. Especially during the summer season where demand for water increases but the supply sources face the difficulty of drying up, serious measures have to be taken. Reduced usage of existing sources is the only possible way to manage until the onset of monsoon. 

Below is a short note on water consumption during the summer by the community members. Organo Naandi community has taken up water conservation during the severe summer months of Hyderabad. 

Naandians are becoming more mindful of water usage in their homes. They are aiming to not use piped water for gardening, car wash, and other non-essential activities until all the bore wells become operations during monsoons. They are planning to circulate weekly water usage reports for awareness and necessary action. Until water table levels increase, the community is planning to implement the following measures to conserve water:

  • Instruct deep cleaning staff to reduce the water usage
  • Reduce WTP water pressure from 3.5 to 2.5 bar. This is will reduce pressure during showers
  • Measure and publish household water consumption on a weekly basis 
  • Request households not to use water for non-essential uses like personal gardening, car cleaning, etc.
  • Instruct housekeeping staff about conserving water 
  • Allocate not more than 20k litres/day each for gardening and farming

 By starting with demand reduction in terms of water, the Organo Naandi community will be able to manage the harsh summer, until the monsoon rains bring welcome relief. 

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