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“Water Literate - Rurban Community” of India….. By Organo Eco Habitats

Author: By Vishvas Ghawate, AVG Sustainable GreenSolutions LLP ,Pune 

Food, Water, Air, Earth, Energy , Shelter and Peoples are the Seven Strands of Sustainable Living (Sapthapatha)  at Organo Eco Habitats. 

This is  An integrated Eco-system as a living space, consciously created with sustainability principles at its core; designed for having a minimal impact without contaminating the environment in or around it. integrated eco harmlessly integrated into the natural world, supportive of a healthy way of leaving.

Organo Eco Habitats is responsible for all the stakeholders and environmental concerns equally.It helps to create community development models on triple-bottom-line success (Social, environmental and economic areas) and net-zero thinking.  

RURBAN ECO-HABITATS Fair share of prosperity for all


Water is One of the key factor of Sustainable Living anywhere. From last few decades, all efforts were made and still in progress for identification of adequate Water resources and its effective and inexpensive  use for all our  Basic Domestic and Agriculture needs.  

Efforts  are done on large scale at Government level, Policy Level ,Private Sector  to supply adequate water and fulfil need of different  sectors like Farming, Villages,Cities, Industries, Construction, animals etc.

We as a human, tried and still trying every possible options to get adequate good quality of water. This includes Rainwater, Ground Water, Dams, Pipelines through dams / Canals/Rivers ,Ponds etc.  

In Current Scenario , different thoughts, facts,debates, data, past experiences, experts opinion is available with all of us on which water source is pure, sustainable in long term availability  and with less expenditures.. !! 

Currently the fact globally and nationally is, water everywhere is  inadequate   and we are felling Water Stressed Life  and will become more severe in future.  

At least, all new developments needs to be selfsustainable and water disciplined while using every drop of water.Thiswill  minimize the burden on existing  demand of huge water requirements all over.

Water-  At Organo  Eco Habitats

Organo is Rurban farming community  model in which  urban and village lifestyleis combined in more Natural ways. These communities are developed on areas like 50 plus acres of land…

Water sustainability is the key factor  in such Community Base models. 

Organo has done extensive Scientific efforts  on water part in their first multiple Award Winning Project -  “Naandi” in 2016. 

This includes water source Identification, Watershed Management Programs, creation of Bioswales, Water Recharge techniques,Storm water Management ,CCT work ,Collection of Rain water in  large capacity water ponds etc. 

From previous experience, Organo is in opinion  that tapping water from deep bore holes is  not solution in longer run, equally not suited to their Ideology of combined social development of premised nearby the community projects.

Tapping more water from deeper bore wells may impact on nearby premises as well.

Organo is already engaged and  working on different method to improve social and economic life nearby localities, farmers  by different ways and Methods.

 “Water Policy” at Organo Eco Habitats -  

As a Significant Water Policy in terms of Water Resilient   Community, Organo is looking and focusing at capturing as much  Rainfall as possible  directly as a source of water in combination of municipal water.

This is achieved by construction  of infrastructure to tap Rain water directly in to huge dug wells ( More than 1 crore plus of tanks c strategically located in premise) along with Rain Water Harvesting Methods in entire area of Community. This fulfills maximum water need of the community and other requirement such as Community collective farming,Afforestation,Go-Shala ,Herbal Gardens,Personal Farming and Green areas. 

Organo Community is already Energy  Net Zero Community and Zero Discharge Community  and is moving towards Net Zero Water Community by different methods.

 In Organo habitats,(a Green Building Certified Community),Water is precisely identified,calculated,used,reused and measures all the times at different stages like data collection,developmental and post development.

 While using water as a natural resources,all stakeholders,peoples and other eco system have equal right to use.

“Water Literate  Community” -  

Organo Eco Habitats believes that each Stake Holder plays a vital role in long run impact of Water  Sustainability. 

Hence , after Completion of  all effective water infrastructure related with Water management ,its necessary  that  all Stake Holders/ End Users gets 100 % acquainted with effective use  of water. 

This involves - Awareness Programs for all Community Members like - 

1. Water Stress - and the area where the community is based in line with Water stress 

2. To understand Total Water demand and Supply of the Community 

3. To understand  about Water Infrastructure laid within the Community and effective use of same. 

4. Their actions on Day to Day basis about water and its effective use at Individual level and at Collective level. 

5. Establishment of Water Committee for Community for Post Observations and remedies  required in connection with Technical Operation and Maintenance Team 

6. Continuous Participation through different Gatherings,Social Programs ,Technical Seminars in Community.

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