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Who we are

Often people mistake Organo as a real estate developer company. But we, at Organo strongly refute that statement as we believe that we are integrators of eco-habitats and not a real estate company. Since eco-habitats are built on land with a certain value that we purchase, the speculation goes on as if we are also a real estate company. On the contrary, we are like a factory that builds eco-habitats where we integrate all elements of sustainability and bring them together in a proper format for the end-users to inhabit and enjoy.

For instance, our elements of Saptha patha, where we carefully weave them together, is similar to how a car is manufactured in a factory. Take the example of Tesla's battery-driven eco-friendly cars. They integrated all the financial aspects of comfortable driving and made a product that is environmentally friendly and provides the customer with a top-notch experience. The success of Tesla company is not just about being a battery enabled vehicle manufacturing company but how they evolved and made a product so comfortable for the end-user that they can embrace each ride as environment friendly. 

Similarly at Organo, we have put together all those, otherwise complicated, elements with the help of experts and integrated as an eco-habitat in a structure where a group of people or residents can come together and enjoy. Therefore, in other words, Organo is basically a factory of eco-habitats where we assemble them, carefully craft them, and set processes for the customers to use them in a way which is sustainable in the long term

If you have carefully observe cost pattern, our land prices are not more than 15 to 20% of the whole offering. It sometimes even drops to 10 or 15%. Majority of times, the land prices are less before we begin our projects. As soon as the construction starts and the value increases, the land prices also go up. This usually tempts anyone to increase the price and sell as per the value. However, we are not taking that path as we are going forward. Instead, we have a simple excel sheet with prices that actually starts at a certain amount and goes up to the maximum amount over a certain period of time, wherein our intention is to make 20 to 25% margin and move with a speed to make more eco-habitats than sticking on to one place and trying to maximize profits. 

We wish to give our products at an affordable cost as much as possible, reducing wherever we can in terms of overheads or interest costs and passing them on to customers who join early in our journey. This approach makes more people believe in Rurban living and also would speed up the process of mainstreaming this particular product typology.

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