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An enriching experience for the global citizens of tomorrow.

Organo@school is a day long event that schools and colleges can bring their students to experience nature first hand. Children learn, explore and creatively express their learnings in our comprehensively designed program.

Experience a practical learning of Nature and where we stand today.

With direct examples of application of various sustainable practices, children get to see first-hand, the results and impending perils of modernization and lay the foundational understanding towards the culture of conservation and sustainable living.

Experience the holistic aspects of rural living

Watch and interact with animals up close in our extensive animal husbandry, learn about bee-keeping, interact with cows and calfs at Goshala.

Explore local Flora and Fauna

Understand and practically observe the growth of farm produce, and explore all the bio-diversity that naturally exist in the surrounding area.

Participate in enriching and fun activities

Children try their hand at organic farming, pottery, picking vegetables, exploring the landscape, have fun and learn deeper with the Organo’s Augmented Reality App and many more.

Express your inner creativity through Art and Craft.

At the end of the day, children get to combine everything they have learnt into producing art and craft on the concepts covered.

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organo@school collaborators


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What is an 'Eco-habitat'?

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