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Cooking Up Community and Convenience at Organo Rurban Lofts

November 23, 2023

Author: Ritu Choudhary, Product Architect

In our studio apartment units at Rurban Lofts, we've embraced a practical approach to kitchen design, offering a compact yet fully equipped open kitchenette. 

A kitchenette is essentially a version of a kitchen that has a smaller footprint but can still be quite the food prep powerhouse. Our kitchenette design consists of two parallel counters, ensuring functionality and convenience.

First Counter: The first counter features an induction cooktop with a chimney and provisions for an under-counter microwave. Additionally, there's an under-counter mini-fridge, ensuring you have all the essentials for meal preparation.

Second Counter: The second counter is divided into two parts. The lower portion houses a single-bowl sink along with counter space for meal preparation, while the higher portion serves as a cozy breakfast nook, comfortably accommodating two people. This space is not just for dining but also for working or enjoying a quick meal. 

All three counters offer ample storage space both above and below, ensuring that you can keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free. Conveniently placed sockets allow you to use electronic appliances while preparing or enjoying a meal.

                                  Design of the compact kitchenette at Rurban Lofts
                                   3D visualization of the breakfast counter

At the community level, we are proposing an Organic café on-site as well as a rooftop dhaba that would provide convenient dining options when you're not in the mood to cook. We imagine these spaces to foster interaction and a sense of community among the residents, functioning as a vibrant hub of activity where people can dine and socialize together. 

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