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Design Explorations for Sampangi Palle Plaza 02 @Organo Antharam -PART 01

October 27, 2023

Author:Chaithanya Ravilla

In Part 01 of this article, you will know more about our design explorations for a large public space near the Sampangipalle cluster (cluster of homes) @Organo Antharam. https://www.organo.co.in/antharam

Are you ready to embark on a journey where architectural design and the beauty of nature intertwine in perfect harmony?

"Picture This: A Peaceful Oasis Awaits"

We are thrilled to provide you with an exclusive preview of the Sampangi Palle Plaza 02 nestled within the Sampangi Palle cluster. We envisioned a space where residents could come together, connect with one another, and be in harmony with the nature. This vision gave birth to a vibrant heart within our community, where architectural design transcends mere structure, weaving dreams and memories into the very fabric of daily life. This space is not just a place; it's a symphony of experiences that unfolds dramatically with the changing tapestry of the day.

Crossing the Waters

The Plaza's unique location, alongside a tranquil water channel, brings residents closer to nature. Here, two bridges span the water channel, each offering a unique experience. The first, a modern steel structure, allows for conventional crossing, while the second, a natural bridge immerses you at the water's surface, offering a sensory journey. As you walk along, you can feel the gentle ripple of water beneath your feet and become enveloped in the mesmerizing sounds of flowing water and the songs of birds in the surrounding forest.

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Where Tranquillity Meets Modernity: The Two Bridges at Sampangi plaza 02

The Oasis of the Plaza

Upon crossing the bridge, you'll be greeted by the cluster club to the right, while to the left, a lush forest plantation unfolds, complete with plaza seating. The architectural design perfectly balances natural serenity with the heart of community life, offering you the choice to explore the vibrant or the tranquil, all within the same enchanting landscape.

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On our drawing boards Sketching Dreams into Reality: A Glimpse of Plaza's Design Vision

The Architectural Transition

To reach the cluster club, you will descend a gentle staircase, descending one level below the villas. This transition creates a sense of anticipation, as you move closer to the heart of community life. The cluster club, a versatile space that opens its doors to countless possibilities. Inside, a multi-purpose hall awaits, offering residents a canvas for celebrations, gatherings, or moments of contemplation. Adjacent, a cozy sand bed echoes the carefree vibes of a beach, providing a space for relaxation and leisure.

The path leads to an open oasis, the OAT space. Here, neighbours can gather for community events or find solitude in the company of friends or family. Children play, while others meditate by the water's edge or take a leisurely stroll through the farm. For those seeking an active lifestyle, the space encourages exercise with friends or fitness partners.

Elevating Your Experience through Architectural Transition

Nature-Infused Roofscape

The cluster club boasts a green roof accessible from a pathway, offering a panoramic view of the sand bed and the water channel. This elevated vantage point lets residents connect with the environment and feel a profound sense of serenity. Sunrises and sunsets paint the sky with vibrant colours, setting the scene for unforgettable moments.

Riverside Respite

The water's edge resembles a river ghat, a place for contemplation and tranquillity. Residents can sit, meditate, relax, and rejuvenate while absorbing the peaceful surroundings. For those who enjoy fishing, weekends provide the perfect opportunity to cast a line into the water and reconnect with the timeless rhythm of nature.

Reconnect with Nature's Rhythm: Where Tranquillity Flows, and Time Stands Still

Fruitful Forest Retreat

On the opposite side of the water channel lies a lush fruit forest plantation, creating a harmonious backdrop for the villas. This offers a serene escape into nature, bringing residents closer to the earth's bounty and reinforcing the connection between people and the land.

Sustainable Living

We've introduced a deep pond within the water channel acts as an irrigation water storage pond, emphasizing our commitment to responsible living while supporting the lush greenery of our community.

In this beautiful blend of cool architecture and the wonders of nature, Sampangi Palle Plaza 02 @Organo Antharam turns out to be a real showcase of how we can create a super fun, ecofriendly community. It's like a hangout spot that's got it all – the buildings, the trees, and a whole lot of good vibes. We've only scratched the surface of this cool place in Part 01. But that’s not all. It’s all about the residents vibing with their surroundings.so stay tuned for Part 02, where we'll spill the beans on even more awesome features that make Sampangi Palle Plaza 02 the ultimate chill spot. Come along for this incredible journey where design and nature team up to change the way we live and connect.

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