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Embrace Sustainable Living in a South Indian Sanctuary: Introducing Organo Ibrahimpalle

March 12, 2024

Author: Ritu Choudhary, Product Architect

Organo Ibrahimpalle, our upcoming community redefines sustainable living through innovative design. Here, South Indian-inspired courtyard homes seamlessly blend with nature, offering a serene and eco-conscious lifestyle.

                 Aerial View showing a Typical cluster of homes at Organo Ibrahimpalle

This is a home and community on our drawing boards now. It is at an early stage of development and we are actively exploring and refining the idea.

Nestled on a 30m x 12m plot, each home offers a unique blend of personal and shared green spaces. A 4m front yard invites nature into your daily life, while a vibrant green cluster street connects the community. The 4m-wide backyard, with a view of a lush forest, provides an opportunity to cultivate your kitchen garden, fostering a connection with the Earth. A 5-feet buffer between homes is a "no man's land" that weaves a tapestry of vegetation, maintained by the community.

Plot size of 30m x 12m ( 98’5” x 39’4”)

Ground Floor Layout

First Floor Layout

There is a “Thinnai,” which is a shaded sit-out with built-in seating at the entrance to each home. It serves as a transition space, allowing one to observe the surrounding neighborhood and also acts as the facilitator of social interaction in the cluster, encouraging neighborly interaction during morning/evening strolls.

    Cluster Street view

A grand portal leads to a double-height living room, visually connected to the courtyard, dry kitchen, and dining area, promoting familial togetherness. No walls divide these spaces, allowing for seamless living, entertaining, and dining. The terracotta jaali on the facade creates an interesting play of lights and shadow in these spaces.

View from the Living room towards the courtyard
View from the  Dry Kitchen towards courtyard

Linear and connected wet kitchens, along with utility areas, enhance convenience for homeowners and support staff. A separate service entry provides seamless access to the staff to the service areas.

View from the Dry kitchen towards the Living Room
Waterbody experience in the courtyard

The multi-purpose courtyard, adorned with a tranquil waterbody, becomes your personal green lung. The meticulously designed opening in the sloped roof allows one to gaze at the sky, witnessing the changing seasons and starry nights.One can cross the courtyard through the stepped stone bridge over the waterbody, leading to the drawing room, which can be used to entertain guests or serve as a second living room.

View from Passage on the first floor

The first-floor bedrooms are split into two wings. Each of the bedrooms has a tall, sloped tile-clad ceiling and north-facing clerestory windows, creating private havens washed with sunlight. Each bedroom boasts a private closet area leading to its bathroom. 

The second wing consisting of two bedrooms offers versatility to the family, with an option to convert one of the bedrooms into a study or combine both to create a larger bedroom or retain as it is.

First floor bedroom in the first wing

Sustainability is at the core of Organo Ibrahimpalle. The design of the home is compliant with “Sapthapatha” -The 7 strands of sustainability, which is a framework through which we design & measure the impact across 7 aspects- Energy, Air, Water, Food, People , Air and Shelter . At unit level, this is how we are implementing it: 

Energy strand : The south facing sloped roof is topped with Solar Panels that will meet with the energy demand of the home.

Air strand: Cross ventilation, evaporative cooling through the courtyard, and a breathable double-layered tiled Mangalore roof ensure passive cooling and thermal comfort. 

Water strand: Ibrahimpalle is a water-balanced, a water-secure and a zero-discharge community. The waste water that goes out from the homes is treated at site before being discharged. Furthermore, the homes will be installed with energy efficient water fixtures. 

Shelter strand : The walls of the home are made of Porotherm Hollow Clay Bricks, a green alternative with superior thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption. 

Food : Implementation of square foot gardens for every home in the backyard

People: The community fosters social interaction and a sense of belonging. Vehicle free and pedestrian friendly cluster streets that allow for an active vibrant. A street that connects individual houses fostering spaces that are filled with activity

Welcome to Organo Ibrahimpalle. Homes that care for you as well as the planet !

Design Collaborators:
Fhd Group

FHD is an architectural team with the passion to see projects manifest that are critically meaningful and creatively unique. FHD’s focus is on the exploration of Design Strategies that mediate and reinterpret the boundary between traditional /cultural values and contemporary living.

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About Studio Organo

We are a cross-functional and research-focused team of architects, engineers, and technical experts, who ideate, refine and detail eco habitat products, components, and solutions. Our core intent is to co-create and manifest apt rurban lifestyles across all eco-habitat components to celebrate the living for respective user groups. From earth-friendly neighborhoods to home interiors, we’ve got it all covered.

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