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Fully serviced homes at Organo Rurban Lofts

October 31, 2023

Author: Ritu Choudhary, Product Architect

From our research and decades of work experience designing residential communities, we at Organo Eco Habitats have identified common pain points experienced by various types of families – young working couples, families with children, and empty nesters. Quite often, they are stressed about how many chores they have to do around the house. Though there is no scarcity of househelp in India, families frequently express concerns about the quality of service, reliability, and extra effort required on their part to ensure the work is done to their satisfaction.

Professional Housekeeping Services: Organo's Rurban Lofts envisions offering trained and upskilled staff for housekeeping services through Organo Facilities Management. The dedicated staff visits the homes twice a week, ensuring a clean and organized living space for all residents.

Streamlined Waste Management: Managing waste is another pain point for residents. Responsible disposal of garbage can be a hassle, involving complex tasks like composting and coordinating with different waste vendors. We recognized the need for a pragmatic solution. At Organo Rurban Lofts, residents only need to segregate their waste according to clearly defined guidelines. The community takes care of the rest, from door-to-door waste collection to composting and recycling, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. In order to ensure habit formation, unsegregated waste Will not be collected.

Laundromats: Doing laundry often feels like a chore, but at Lofts, it's transformed into a social and enjoyable experience. Each level of the community boasts a pay and use laundromat where residents can conveniently wash and dry their clothes. This not only saves time but also fosters a sense of community, as neighbors can engage in casual conversations while tending to their laundry needs.

Health and Wellness Services: Residents will have access to a health lounge where they can book appointments with a visiting doctor at periodic intervals, who will advise them on a holistic approach to healthcare. Additionally, we are aiming to provide on-site ambulance services for emergencies, ensuring that residents are always in safe hands.

Travel Desk Assistance: We understand that life extends beyond our community's boundaries. A dedicated travel desk is available to assist residents in booking local cabs and hiring drivers, making transportation a hassle-free experience.

With a focus on sustainability, convenience, and well-being, Lofts represents the future of residential communities, where the needs of the residents are placed at the forefront of every design and service offering. Welcome to the future of living, welcome to Organo's Rurban Lofts.

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