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Reviving Community Spirit: The Veedhis of Organo Damaragidd

December 11, 2023


Transportation corridor is a linchpin in community development, linking people, fostering growth, and facilitating efficient travel. A critical aspect of this development lies in the choice of materials for pathways each with its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. However, in an eco-habitat, pathways transcend mere conduits for movement; they become the very fabric that weaves communities together.

The Role of Veedhis in Community Building

In an eco habitat like Organo Damaragidda, streets, or "Veedhis," play a vital role in connecting neighbors and reviving the communal spirit. Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of Indian culture, where streets are the epicenter of communal activities, Organo Damaragidda's Veedhis aims to breathe life into community interactions that are increasingly dwindling in the face of vertical residential development.

Image 1: A typical street of Organo Damaragidda showcasing the breakout spaces.

Veedhi Design: A Harmony of Durability and Eco-friendliness

Recognizing the environmental impact of conventional materials like asphalt and concrete, Organo Damaragidda has innovatively designed its Veedhis to be both durable and eco-friendly. The combination of hardscape and softscape using broken and salvaged tandoor stone and grass pavers not only ensures durability but also promotes rainwater permeability. The thoughtful placement of stones creates grooves that channel rainwater to the ground, addressing the concerns of limited permeability found in traditional materials.

Image 2: Cross section of a typical Veedhi design at Oragno Damargidda.

Moreover, the Veedhi design fosters social connectivity. It serves as an extended front yard for all houses, encouraging unplanned meetings and impromptu gatherings. In the spirit of traditional Indian streets, Organo Damaragidda's Veedhis become the backdrop for celebrations, discussions, and the sharing of everyday joys and sorrows.

Image 3: Design exploration process for the Veedhi.

Fruits of Togetherness: Naming Veedhis at Organo Damaragidda

Organo Damaragidda takes community building to the next level by naming its Veedhis after fruits that symbolize richness and shared living. From Bathayi Veedhi to Neredu Veedhi, each street represents a cluster of homes where residents feel a sense of responsibility for one another, fostering a culture of celebration and shared experiences. 

Image 4: Wide avenues lined with trees and bisected by a central pathway offer both daylighting and enhanced cross ventilation to the houses.

 The Veedhis of Organo Damaragidda: 

  1. Bathayi (sweet lime) Veedhi 
  2. Danimma (pomegranate) Veedhi
  3. Regu (plum) Veedhi
  4. Maamidi (mango) Veedhi
  5. Jama (guava) Veedhi
  6. Nimma (lemon) Veedhi
  7. Neredu (blackberry) Veedhi


At Studio Organo, our approach is to experiment and innovate. Our approach to community development through the design of Veedhis demonstrates a commitment to not only fostering a vibrant and connected living experience but also promoting sustainable architectural solutions to better deliver eco habitats. By blending durability, eco-friendliness, and cultural richness, these streets aim to reclaim the lost charm of community living in the face of modern development trends.

Way Forward

As we embark on the path to develop sustainable eco-habitats, it's inevitable that we may encounter various roadblocks along the way. However, we don't perceive these challenges as dead ends; instead, we see them as opportunities to overcome and grow. Each obstacle is a chance to innovate, adapt, and reinforce our commitment to creating environmentally conscious living spaces. Our journey is defined not just by the destination, but by the resilience and determination with which we navigate the obstacles on the road to sustainable development. Keep an eye on our blogs to learn more about our journey.

Design Collaborators:
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We are a cross-functional and research-focused team of architects, engineers, and technical experts, who ideate, refine and detail eco habitat products, components, and solutions. Our core intent is to co-create and manifest apt rurban lifestyles across all eco-habitat components to celebrate the living for respective user groups. From earth-friendly neighborhoods to home interiors, we’ve got it all covered.

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