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Rolling Dice and Making Friends: Placemaking at Organo Antharam

October 3, 2023

This article recounts a unique experience of playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) at Organo Antharam, an ongoing villa community project in Hyderabad. Ritu Chaudary and her colleagues organized a D&D session to explore the passion of a fellow member, Anamol Anand, for the game. Anamol served as the Dungeon Master, guiding the players through an introductory adventure. By day, Anamol is a businessman and by night an avid DnD master.

Despite initial apprehensions and unfamiliarity with the game, the participants, including Nikitha, Ritu, Dublin, Soumik, and Ankit, quickly immersed themselves in the world of D&D. Anamol's storytelling skills, character portrayals, and use of music added depth to the experience. As the game progressed, inhibitions melted away, and the group forged strong bonds. Laughter, camaraderie, and shared experiences brought them closer together.

Ankit, Nikitha, Ritu, Dublin, and Soumik also shared their perspectives on the D&D session, highlighting how it helped them connect with colleagues, break down barriers, and build meaningful friendships. They praised Anamol's talents as a Dungeon Master and the transformative power of the game in fostering teamwork, creativity, and social interaction. Read below their perspectives in more detail below.

A simple D&D session at Organo Antharam brought together colleagues, allowed them to shed their professional personas, and created lasting friendships through the magic of collaborative storytelling and imagination.

The choice of venue for the Dungeons and Dragons session played a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience. "God's Own Office" at Organo Antharam, an eco-community known for its tranquil and serene environment, provided the perfect setting for the game. Surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this space allowed participants to fully immerse themselves in the fantasy world of D&D. The peaceful surroundings, combined with the imaginative storytelling of Anamol, created an atmosphere where creativity could flourish, and barriers between colleagues could easily be broken down. The eco-community's commitment to sustainability and harmony with nature seemed to extend into the game, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the players. This unique location truly enriched the D&D experience and contributed to the forging of lasting friendships among the participants.

Nikitha Gogineni - My First Adventure with Dungeons and Dragons at Organo Antharam

Greetings! I'm Nikitha, representing Organo.

When I first received an invitation to dive into the captivating realm of Dungeons and Dragons, I must confess, I was completely in the dark. The name of the game exuded an air of mystery, and I had no inkling of what lay ahead, how to navigate its intricacies, or even why I should be excited about it.

In a last-minute attempt to grasp the basics, I scoured YouTube for guidance. Regrettably, the video I stumbled upon only succeeded in deepening the enigma surrounding the world of D&D, leaving me even more bewildered.

Now, fast forward to that fateful day when I found myself among colleagues, all equally perplexed but brimming with determination, in the gathering place known as the GOO at Antharam. Our intrepid Dungeon Master, the illustrious Mr. Anmol, stood at the helm, poised to lead us through the labyrinthine realms of imagination and adventure. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and a strong sense of camaraderie, as we collectively embarked on a journey into the unknown, armed only with our wits and a handful of dice.

The game kicked off with our Dungeon Master, a true virtuoso of storytelling, setting the stage for our grand adventure. I was captivated by the vivid descriptions of the fantastical world we were about to explore. The roll of the dice held the fate of our characters, and each choice I made had real consequences. It became apparent to me that D&D was not just a game; it was an immersive experience that called for creativity, strategy, and teamwork.

As we delved deeper into the game, I uncovered the joy of collaborative storytelling. Each member of our party brought a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. Together, we conquered challenges, unraveled mysteries, and faced formidable adversaries. The camaraderie that blossomed among us was heartwarming, and I eagerly looked forward to our weekly sessions.

This delightful game prompted me to connect with colleagues I hadn't previously known well, resulting in the blossoming of our friendships and a newfound comfort in each other's company. It wasn't just about spinning tales; it was about joyfully engaging with everyone involved.

A resounding round of applause is due to the incredible Mr. Anmol, who undeniably elevated our gaming experience to new heights! His exceptional ability to breathe life into characters through his acting prowess, seamlessly aligning the music with our in-game scenes, and his unswerving patience and boundless creativity all combined to transform the game into an absolute thrill ride. Thanks to Mr. Anmol, not only did the game become easier to grasp, but it also became significantly more exhilarating!

Dungeons and Dragons has unlocked a gateway to a world teeming with infinite storytelling possibilities, and I'm eagerly anticipating embarking on many more adventures with my friends by my side. Here's to the countless quests, dragons, and dungeons that await us in the future, and to the enduring bond we share as a result of this incredible game.

Ritu Choudhary - My First Adventure with Dungeons and Dragons at Organo Antharam

In the exciting realm of our Rurban Lofts project, I had the privilege of conducting a user research interview with a fascinating individual named Anamol. Our paths had crossed through a mutual friend, and from the moment I met him, I was struck by his aura of humility, serenity, and wisdom that belied his years.

During our conversation, I stumbled upon an enchanting facet of Anamol's life. He is an unwavering aficionado of Dungeons and Dragons, a relatively niche fantasy game in India, and he shines as a dedicated game master. His boundless passion and unwavering commitment to this intricate game are truly remarkable, as he routinely hosts gaming sessions that delve into the game's intricate rules and nuances.

Following our enlightening interview, our product team made a unique decision: we decided to step into the world of role-playing games ourselves. Our aim was to gain a profound understanding of these immersive games, observe participant behavior, and explore the dynamics of spatial interaction. It fell upon me to recruit four colleagues from our office to join Anamol in this endeavor. I must admit that this task initially made me a tad apprehensive. Acting had never been my strong suit, and my previous forays into it during my college days left me feeling self-conscious. The thought of role-playing in front of colleagues I barely knew did not exactly fill me with enthusiasm; instead, it brought about a considerable degree of nervousness. Nevertheless, recognizing the importance of this undertaking, I summoned my inner enthusiasm and successfully persuaded a few of my office comrades to take part.

Fast forward to the day of the game. Anamol meticulously prepared the gaming table, setting the stage for our adventure. He guided us to create and vividly describe our unique personas, painting a rich tapestry of the time period and setting. As the game unfolded, I was privileged to witness an entirely different side of Anamol. He delved wholeheartedly into his role as the game master, adroitly employing various accents and seamlessly transitioning between characters, whether they took the form of wolves or elderly women. His attention to detail was awe-inspiring; he even provided background music and distinct sets of dice for each player, distinguishing them by shape and color. The four hours that followed passed in the blink of an eye, as the game proved to be a captivating and immersive journey. I lost all sense of my immediate surroundings, mentally transporting myself to the era of the game, conjuring a world filled with sights, sounds, and people—all masterfully crafted by Anamol. Throughout this enchanting journey, Anamol's non-judgmental disposition and Zen-like composure made us all feel at ease, even as we grappled with understanding the game's intricate rules—a testament to his remarkable patience and guidance.

Equally captivating was the transformation I observed in my office colleagues during our gaming session. While I was already acquainted with Ankit, my interactions with the others had been relatively limited. I was pleasantly surprised to discover facets of their personalities that I had never before encountered. This four-hour session felt like an accelerated crash course in getting to know each other better. Nikitha revealed a fiery and passionate side, Dublin showcased remarkable composure and strategic thinking, and Soumik's infectious enthusiasm radiated throughout.

As the session concluded, I found myself remarkably more at ease and comfortable with my colleagues. It dawned on me that this experience marked the inception of meaningful friendships with each of them. To my own astonishment, I eagerly anticipated our next Dungeons and Dragons session, believing that it would provide the perfect avenue for me to open up more readily in the presence of this wonderful group of people.

ANKIT KUJUR - My First Adventure with Dungeons and Dragons at Organo Antharam

In the realm of user research activities for Organo Rurban Lofts, my colleague Ritu introduced me to a fascinating individual named Anamol. Organo Rurban Lofts, an upcoming project in Hyderabad, stands out from typical gated communities by offering exclusively designed studio apartments tailored for individuals and couples. The project's core objective is to provide a liberating haven for individuals, situated away from the bustling city, serving as a getaway destination—a unique and pioneering venture in its own right

Ritu and I were entrusted with the delightful task of organizing a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) session at "God's Own Office," nestled within Organo Antharam—an ongoing villa community project adjacent to the forthcoming Rurban Lofts site. Our mission? To uncover Anamol's passion for D&D and explore its profound impact on those who dare to embark on this epic journey.

Now, let me paint a vivid picture of Anamol: an introverted soul, known for his calm and composed demeanor, and a fervent aficionado of D&D. To offer some context, D&D isn't exactly a household name in India; it's a beloved foreign pastime that many here have only heard whispers about, if that. D&D is an immersive board game tailored for a tight-knit group of 5-6 players, with one among them ascending to the role of Dungeon Master—an all-powerful storyteller and game conductor. The remaining players craft their own characters, complete with unique powers, personalities, and weaponry. The game unfurls within the canvas of the players' boundless imaginations and can span across multiple sessions, each stretching into hours of enchanting gameplay.

For our inaugural D&D session, our resident Dungeon Master Anamol had thoughtfully prepared an introductory adventure, keeping in mind that most of us were novices to this realm of wonder. Joining Anamol at the table were Nikitha, Dublin, Soumik, Ritu, and myself. Notably, Ritu and I handpicked a diverse ensemble of participants who were, for the most part, strangers to one another.

Our journey commenced cautiously, as we acquaintances cautiously felt out the dynamics of this unique experience. However, as Anamol dove headfirst into his portrayal of diverse characters, complete with distinctive voices, we found ourselves courageously attempting our own character voices. The result? Our voices transformed into delightful caricatures that had us all in stitches. We didn't stop there—soon, we were enacting our characters' movements with abandon. Inhibitions melted away, and we were transported into the very heart of the adventure.

Anamol's storytelling prowess added layers of intrigue and engagement to our session. Not even the torrential rain outside or the brief power outage could dampen our spirits. Before we realized it, our session had soared to a thrilling climax—an expertly crafted cliffhanger by none other than Anamol himself. Excitement permeated the room as we eagerly awaited the next installment of our tale.

As the session drew to a close, we were astonished to discover that we had unwittingly formed deep connections. We shared inside jokes, reveled in each other's character voices, and had embraced our inner child. Through the magic of D&D, we cast aside our shields, forged new friendships, and reveled in carefree play, just like children once more. It was an extraordinary and unifying experience that left us all eagerly anticipating our next adventure together.

Dublin Chakma - My First Adventure with Dungeons and Dragons at Organo Antharam

Greetings, fellow adventurers! In this enchanting recount, we delve into the thrilling world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Our quest unfolded on the auspicious evening of September 2, 2023, amidst the enchanting backdrop of Organo Antharam. Guided by the sagacious Anamol Anand, we, Ankit Kujur, Dublin Chakma, Soumit Chakraborty, Ritu Choudhary, and Nikitha, embarked on an epic storytelling journey within the realms of fantasy.

Session Overview:

Our odyssey spanned an impressive four-hour duration, embracing the traditional rules of D&D's 5th edition. The stage was set in a mesmerizing fantasy world conjured by our illustrious Game Master, where magic, mythical creatures, and heroic quests converged seamlessly. Our mission was singular—to undertake an enigmatic task, unraveled from the annals of an ancient temple.

Key Highlights:

  • Character Creation: Before our adventure commenced, each of us meticulously crafted unique characters, replete with compelling backstories, races, classes, and special abilities. These characters seamlessly wove themselves into the tapestry of our unfolding narrative.
  • Storytelling and Role-playing: Our journey revolved around the art of storytelling and immersive role-playing. We conversed deeply with non-player characters, made impactful choices, and employed ingenious problem-solving to surmount challenges.
  • Combat Encounters: The session was punctuated by thrilling combat encounters, masterfully balanced and consistently engaging. We followed the time-honored D&D rule system, employing diverse tactics and abilities in our clashes.
  • Collaboration: Unity and collaboration were our guiding principles. Puzzles were solved collectively, combat was strategized as a team, and the story advanced in unison. The spirit of camaraderie was a radiant beacon throughout our adventure.
  • Game Master's Skill: Anamol Anand, known to us as the Grandmaster, displayed impeccable game mastering skills. His vivid descriptions brought our world to life, his NPCs were truly memorable, and he skillfully adapted the narrative based on our choices.
  • Player Engagement: Our fellowship remained unwaveringly engaged, infusing every moment with creativity and enthusiasm. Our contributions to the story's development were dynamic, and we remained ever-attentive to plot hooks and subtle clues.
  • Plot Twists and Surprises: The Grandmaster introduced tantalizing plot twists and delightful surprises, ensnaring our attention and enriching the narrative with unexpected depth and excitement.

As dusk descended, our adventure concluded with the triumphant retrieval of mission information from the fictional city, leaving us teetering on the edge of a thrilling cliff-hanger.


  1. Continue Encouraging Role-playing: Let's nurture our characters and keep the flames of role-play burning, as it infuses our story with depth and immersion.
  2. Maintain Narrative Engagement: To sustain our passion, continue weaving unexpected plot twists, music, and surprises into our tale, ensuring our unwavering interest in the unfolding story.
  3. Provide Opportunities for Character Development: Offer pathways for our characters to evolve and grow, ensuring we remain deeply invested in their journeys.
  4. Foster Collaboration: Let's cherish the spirit of collaboration, for it elevates our gaming experience and strengthens our bonds as comrades on this incredible adventure.
  5. Consistency in Game Mastering: Maintain the exceptional standards set by our Grandmaster, which have been instrumental in our adventure's success.

Soumik Chakraborty - My First Adventure with Dungeons and Dragons at Organo Antharam

Engaging in activities that bring people together to play lays the groundwork for forging stronger bonds within our community. Prior to delving into the world of tabletop role-playing games, I possessed limited insights into the unique personalities of my colleagues. However, over the course of a captivating 4-hour session, we had the opportunity to uncover facets of one another that had previously remained concealed.

Our collective decision to set aside work-related discussions and immerse ourselves in a completely different realm offered me a much-needed respite. Personally, it allowed me to release pent-up stress and find solace in the camaraderie of our shared experience.

Admittedly, I embarked on this adventure with a certain level of intrigue and trepidation, given my lack of familiarity with the game. The prospect of sitting down with four or five individuals, most of whom were virtual strangers, for an extended gaming session was a novel and somewhat daunting experience. However, this apprehension soon transformed into excitement as we embarked on this shared journey of storytelling and imagination.

Discovering individuals within our community who not only organize but also exhibit a genuine interest in diverse hobbies is indeed a blessing. Should the need arise, I now know where to turn for a source of inspiration, entertainment, and lasting connections.

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