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Rurban Lofts: Nurturing Sustainability from Seed to Table

December 29, 2023

Author: Ritu Choudhary, Product Architect

In envisioning the future of residential living, Rurban Lofts emerges as a pioneering project that seeks to redefine the very essence of sustainable communities. Our proposal aims to seamlessly integrate self-sustaining practices with the everyday lives of our residents.

Our primary objective is to establish an eco-community where residents actively participate in the growth and sustenance of their own produce. Rurban Lofts aims to set this precedent by adopting Agrovoltaic energy, a concept that utilizes the same space for both solar energy generation and agricultural cultivation. This innovative approach will unfold on our rooftops, where local and seasonal leafy vegetables will be cultivated, contributing to the self-sufficiency of our community.  The Organo Facilities Management team, dedicated to maintaining this synergy, will play a pivotal role in nurturing the collective greenery that blankets our community.

                              Agrovolataic energy production on the terraces of Rurban Lofts

The proposed lounge and store within the community will serve as the hub for our agricultural endeavors. Residents will not only have the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally grown produce but will also be encouraged to engage in the communal spirit of "grow and share." We aim to cultivate a sense of collective responsibility, where the act of growing vegetables becomes a shared family activity, fostering strong community bonds.

Our proposal is a vision of a lifestyle that embraces outdoor exercise, stress relief, and the natural beauty inherent in urban and suburban landscapes. The edible gardens within Rurban Lofts will be spaces for residents to reconnect with nature and enhance their diets with wholesome, locally sourced produce.

                             Food  production on the slopes of Rurban Lofts

For the younger generation, this initiative is designed to be a transformative experience. Planting a seed, nurturing its growth, and ultimately enjoying the harvest will instill in them a profound respect for food and the environment. This hands-on education is an investment in a sustainable future, fostering a deep connection with the Earth.

"Together, under the open sky and atop our green rooftops, we aim to sow the seeds of a future where sustainable living is not just a choice but a way of life. Welcome to Rurban Lofts, where eco-conscious hearts are rife!"

Design Collaborators:
Fhd Group

FHD is an architectural team with the passion to see projects manifest that are critically meaningful and creatively unique. FHD’s focus is on the exploration of Design Strategies that mediate and reinterpret the boundary between traditional /cultural values and contemporary living.

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About Studio Organo

We are a cross-functional and research-focused team of architects, engineers, and technical experts, who ideate, refine and detail eco habitat products, components, and solutions. Our core intent is to co-create and manifest apt rurban lifestyles across all eco-habitat components to celebrate the living for respective user groups. From earth-friendly neighborhoods to home interiors, we’ve got it all covered.

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