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Branching out for better - Part 1

The most interesting synchronism has been Rurban Nest. A group of doctors in Nizamabad was looking out for an organisation that could help build a sustainable community, which essentially is an eco-habitat. As Rumi said, what you seek is seeking you; they reached out to Organo after their intensive search. Now, we are mentoring them to reach their objectives. 

Rurban Nest is aimed at reinventing unique experiences and providing you with a life of responsible comfort and luxury. Designed by our team, the farm villas are built to foster quintessential Organo living right in the heart of the beautiful natural farmlands of Nizamabad.

With the rapid infrastructural growth in India, the vertical expansion of buildings has not only taken over metropolitan cities but also the neighbouring towns and mini-metros. The urbanization and its side effects are fast engulfing the country and the urge to get away from it all has percolated across most smaller cities. 

Nizamabad is no stranger to this phenomenon. However, what is heartening is that there are a few individuals who are not just complaining but also taking action to do whatever it takes to reverse the trend. Introducing Rurban Nest, conceived by a group of highly successful doctors and mentored by Organo…

Voices from Rurban Nest

Let’s hear from the doctors who are the front runners about their expectations and past life experience which led them to the Rurban Nest project _ Dr Savita Rani, (Obstetrician & Gynecologist )

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. My grandparents belonged to Nizamabad. I moved to Nizamabad after my marriage and have been practising for the last 15 years. Though we’ve achieved success and a luxurious lifestyle, this is not my dream life. This is not the kind of life I aspired for, but I was putting it off and thought we could get there after we retire. 

Ideally, I would have loved to live close to nature but because of our profession, it hasn’t been possible. If I want my grandchildren to choose to spend time with me, I should offer what they don’t get in the cities. I want them to take back the stories and share them with their friends. And that is possible only if we live the life we love. A blend of rural and urban. 

But then it didn’t seem possible to create that kind of life - Living in the lap of nature, eating organic food grown in front of us, and yet having the urban comforts. But after we got Organo on board, I feel confident that we’re moving closer to living my dream. The best part is, it’s not just my dream, it’s a collective dream of all of us in this community. Obviously, when a group of like-minded people come together, the mission becomes a realistic vision. And now, I don’t have to wait till retirement; I can continue my practice at our hospital, it is just a 10-minute commute from here.”

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