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Branching out for better - Part 2 - The spirit of Rurban Nest

The doctors from Nizamabad, who were inspired by the concept of Organo, wanted to have their own nest which could reflect the Rurban life. Rapid urbanisation and loss of safe & green surroundings for their children to grow made them relook at the way they were living. And their search ended at finding Organo that completely mirrored their desires. 

Let’s hear from the doctors to understand their story and the prospects that they are looking forward to.

Dr V. Chandra Sekhar Reddy


“I moved to Nizamabad 15 years ago. I was born in a small village where the primary occupation was agriculture. We grew up in the farms, watching the sunrise, working in the fields and going to school. After school, we would play with our friends till the sunset, get back home to have dinner and hit the bed. We had a super active life. This was our routine until we entered college. After that, I got into medicine and studied for 10 long years. 

Initially, I had thought of working in Hyderabad but couldn’t handle the rapid urbanization. So, I chose Nizamabad to set up my practice, as it still had a blend of both. But life became so hectic that I had absolutely no time for anything else. The landscape of Nizamabad was changing rapidly too. And I started missing my childhood environment. I would often feel the urge to get back to the rural way of life, but it didn’t seem like a possibility. Also, the fact that my children are missing out on the experience of natural living would bother me a lot. 

I used to feel terrible to see their hectic schedules. All they do in their free time is watch tv, play games on the cell phone. I feel deeply saddened by this. Growing up was an exciting time during my childhood. We spent our time climbing trees, swimming in clean natural water, exploring the wilderness... 

Today, children at school are unable to learn the life lessons they would through natural, instinctive exploration. They don’t climb trees, meaning they never experience what it’s like to fall off and bruise a leg. This means not learning persistence. They can’t explore woods, meaning they never get to see the true natural beauty of the world around them. This leads them to be glued to the external stimulation of gadgets. Finally, they swim in controlled pools and end up with rashes and skin allergies. The worst of them all is the adulterated food they eat. From milk to cooking oils, nothing is pure. 

When it comes to social interactions with the neighbours, it’s not the same it used to be. When I began sharing my concerns with Dr Srinivas, Dr Prabhakar and others during our morning walk, they echoed the same feelings. So, we considered being a part of gated communities that were under progress but we couldn’t find what we were looking for in terms of facilities or neighbourhood. That’s when we felt strongly that we should acquire some land on the outskirts and develop our own community with a focus on producing organic food and exercise. After an extensive search over a period of 2-3 years, we finally identified the land and decided to build farm villas. It’s our good luck that we found a mentor like Organo. 

“We can’t wait to move into Rurban Nest.”

Dr M. Prabhakar, 


“I’ve been practising for the last 25 years. For the last 15 years, a group of us have been going on our morning walks together. During our interactions, all of us shared the same concerns about the way we were living. Hectic working hours, pollution issues, food safety issues, next-generation moving away from core values and such. So we decided to develop a farming community where we could breathe fresh air and eat organic food grown by us. One thing led to another and here we are, on the verge of seeing our dreams manifest at Rurban Nest. We got lucky with finding our mentor in Organo.”

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