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Can suburbs offer amenities of a city?

Emerging Suburbs & Modern-Day Development

The evolution, growth and development of any city is the aggregate of a set of processes that have been effective in that area over a period of time. The problems created by the unsystematic and unrestricted extension of a city give rise to issues like unhygienic slums, polluted environment, uncoordinated development of residential, industrial, and commercial areas resulting in traffic bottlenecks and many other difficulties all known and felt by the residents of the city. A particular method leads to a particular model. In turn, the process itself is dependent on several factors like the history of the region, its site and situation, ecological conditions, social customs, population, planning laws, administration, so on and so forth. 

What Features do Suburbs have?

Hyderabad is one of the main metropolitan cities of India. The city has undergone a significant socio-cultural change in the past and continues to experience rapid and dynamic changes due to the accelerated phase of Industrialization and urbanization. These changes had a deep-rooted influence on the design and developmental trends in the city. With the pandemic, the situations have further evolved with a trend of the urban crowd slowly moving towards the suburbs

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