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Cultivating the budding farmers

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Organo Et School conducted a workshop on “how to grow your own microgreens” with Students of grade 5, Sloka Waldorf School that had 31 students participate in each session. Students were told how Microgreens can be grown from every window sill to balcony corners with available resources like reusing toy boxes, ice-cream boxes, recycled plastic bottles and food delivery bowls and with whatever seeds they have at home. They discussed among themselves how these tiny leaves and shoots are known to be nutritional powerhouses and hence its worth growing these to have our plates get healthier and prettier than ever before.


The objective of this workshop was to create an interest in students who take ownership of taking care of a living thing, the importance of eating healthy food and taking care of their environment. We introduced them to the growing medium, containers that can be used for growing the Microgreens, spray bottles that can be made from any pet bottle, and how to provide basic maintenance and care. We also showed the stages of growth of Microgreens including how to harvest and how to use them as well. There were some very interesting questions by students like, if they can use Rajma seeds and other lentils, if they can use a basket or jute bag to grow, if they can grow it soilless. It was overwhelming to hear students share their knowledge about Microgreens and its benefits. 

kid shows his farming poduce

Students were encouraged to grow their own Microgreens and document and share their work. Some students went on to plant their own Microgreens such as fenugreek, coriander, mustard and many more. There were some students who were disappointed that they didn’t get to harvest their microgreens. We took their queries and understood their roadblocks and gave them appropriate solutions.

We gave away e-certificates to students who were able to take the learning to the next level of implementation and shared their remarkable journey with us through photographs of their stages of growing and their produce which was quite remarkable.

kid growing micrgreen

If you would like to request a workshop for your schools, community or company, connect with us via 9154100775 or write to us at oes@organo.co.in

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