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What is Regional Ring Road (RRR Hyderabad) Advantage?

Benefits: Suburbs of Hyderabad

Being self-sufficient and the importance of sustainable living is crucial among the many things that this pandemic taught us. A conducive environment to achieve any of these has become difficult in an urban space where there is hardly any space left to breathe. Taking positive advantage of the ‘work-from-home’ possibility, people are moving beyond the city limits, to the suburbs that offer better residential spaces. There may arise a debate on preserving the ecosystem with the crowds shifting but luckily, times have changed with alternate design approaches that embrace both preserving the ecology and sustainable human existence. 

The suburban areas have more space to offer along with the bliss of farming opportunities and abundance of tranquillity presented by nature. It is up to us whether we are intending to preserve it for peaceful coexistence or exploit it as we did with the urban spaces.

New ‘RRR’ possibilities for Hyderabad

While we talk about the benefits of moving to the suburbs, there are still a lot of inhibitions about the connectivity and facilities that the city offers. People are divided over this thought of having to let go of fortunes and opportunities that a metro city provides. However, positive for the people of Hyderabad and the Telangana state, on the whole, the Regional Ring Roads are going to flush out the connectivity issues. This 370 km spanning project is going to pass through 125 villages, joining three major Telangana highways.

According to the state government, the regional ring road is proposed to be developed on par with global standards, connecting Sangareddy, Narsapur, Toopran, Gajwel, Jagdevpur, Bhongir, Choutuppal, Ibrahimpatnam, Chevella and Shankarapalli. With the possibility of good connectivity, the real estate in these regions is bound to take a leap. Therefore, for Hyderabad urban crowd, the suburbs will lie between the city and its more traditional suburban communities, it would be a perfectly placed investment to take advantage of the amenities of both areas.

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