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Organo Editorial

The Organo experience 

- Shalini Legala 

As a family, we decided to buy a villa at Naandi, right on our first visit. We could not help it and it felt like love at first sight! I was completely fascinated by the bio-pool. And it was such a pleasure to watch children play around the pond and catch fish. It was completely mesmerizing. 

There is also so much to do here, one never gets bored. We go on long walks, cycle around and swim in the bio-pool, all of which are totally refreshing. Having our own farm in our backyard is a blessing too. We do not live here full time but can’t wait for the weekends to drive over. We take back with us fresh organic vegetables and milk for the rest of the week. In fact, after we took a place at Naandi, we pretty much stopped buying vegetables from outside. 

We have also made so many friends within the community here, which again has added a lot of value to us as a couple and to our daughter as well. 

People spend so much money on going abroad for fancy holidays. But what we found here was indeed something out of the world! After a long hectic week, coming to Naandi is like therapy, just what we need and look forward to every weekend. 

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