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Organo Editorial

The Organo experience

Kranti Gutta


We were driving by one day and came across this place. We simply fell in love with the place and the more we explored and learned about life at Naandi, the more eager we were to move out of our city apartment. The decision to buy a home here was quick and easy.


I have always enjoyed living around greenery and nature. And this felt like the ideal home for us to move in, having spent a good number of years in the heart of the city.


I love walking around the wide open spaces. The air is so fresh, it is not possible to find the same in the city. The calm here and the like-minded people only add to the overall positive feel of the living experience. I loved meeting everyone from the community. Each person and family is so unique in their own ways and yet what binds us together is a set of common shared values.


There is quite a bit about farming that I have learnt aftercoming here and there is so much more to learn every day. I look forward to waking up bird sounds and greenery every day.


I wish there were many more such places that come up in India and the world. Organically produced safe food, fresh air and a community of like-minded people coming together can only add years to one’s life!


We couldn’t have asked for a better home to live in.

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