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The Real Value of Investment

Typically, in a Real Estate investment in cities, more than 50% of the cost is spent in land acquisition.  The other components such as shelter, and infrastructure depreciate over time.   Not only this but the natural resources such as groundwater table, flora and fauna are also depleted and destroyed.

This is the result of overuse and sometimes abuse which makes these lands vulnerable to price fluctuations.

 On the contrary, Organo chooses barren rural lands as eco-habitat sites and develops them with a long-term control on density to ensure conservation of resources and sustainability.

villas in hyderabad

Above: Naandi when it first started to Naandi last year.

Here, a major percentage of investment goes into developing productive infrastructure such as renewable energy, land fertility, productive Agri-Systems, passive health, afforestation, water security which are resilient to Real Estate market fluctuations.

cost components os rurban community

These productive elements are the real value of land that appreciate and breathe life into the system.

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