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The Rurban Nest - A New Way Forward in Nizamabad - Part 1

Organo took up the challenge of developing eco-habitats in harmony with nature. With the idea of combining the benefits of urban and rural, we created the Rurban way of living.

Sustainability, biodiversity, and harnessing natural resources to establish a natural way of living are the driving principles of Organo. Recognizing the fact that the concerns of our stakeholders were just as important as our concerns for the currently troubled environment, we created community development models that are built on the triple-bottom-line sustainability paradigm (Social, Environmental and Financial success). This model led us to create ‘Sapthapatha’, the seven strands of sustainable development. 

Sapthapatha, or ‘Seven strands of sustainable living’, help us to mainly focus on sustainable development in seven distinct areas such as Safe Food, Fresh Air, Power Generation, Water Conservation, Soil & Earth Health Improvement, Eco-friendly Shelter, and Social Impact. 

Making Eco-habitats Mainstream 

While we were in the process of making Organo Naandi a ground reality in Hyderabad, a group of successful doctors in Nizamabad were parallelly resonating with our thoughts. They set out on a search to collaborate with the right people who were on the same path. 

It’s not by design that their search led them to us, it’s proof that what the world needs today is more people joining forces to build eco-communities that embody a more responsible lifestyle. We were more than happy to collaborate with this group of doctors, to guide them on a journey to establish a sustainable community in Nizamabad. And we believe that this is just the beginning. We believe that the movement will gain momentum; that people across the country will realise, sooner or later, that we aspire to lead a healthy life. Countering the perils of rapid urbanisation and going back to natural practices is the only option we have to leave behind a better world than the one we inherited.

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