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The Rurban Nest in Nizamabad - Part 2

After staying in a bustling city filled with smoke, traffic, and pollution for years, an evolved group of doctors had decided to create an ecosystem that produces food and shelter for the residents without resource depletion. By adopting accountable and inter-disciplinary measures, they are successfully designing and building a sustainable eco-habitat - the Rurban Nest. Environmental sustainability is naturally a crucial component of the Rurban Nest. They promote green living that helps to conserve energy and also prevent air, water, and noise pollution. Rurban Nest exists solely to reinvent unique experiences and provide residents with a life of responsible comfort and luxury. Mentored and designed by the Organo Team, the farm community is built to foster quintessential living right in the heart of the beautiful natural farmlands of Nizamabad

“We are excited to be a part of the Organo initiative, and so, we collaborated with them to co-create a healthy, sustainable eco-habitat. With the kind of track record that Organo has in creating organic living spaces, nobody could have done a better job of creating our homes and community!” - Rurban Nest Founders.

Organo - Rurban Nest: The Beginning of an Epic Journey 

The ways of the universe are magical. Here’s the experience of a group of Doctors from Nizamabad:- They had achieved remarkable milestones in their respective fields and arrived in the world of medicine with sheer hard work and dedication. That’s when they felt a strong calling to get back to natural living in their quest for holistic health. Their search to find someone to collaborate with to build a sustainable organic community led them to Organo Naandi in Hyderabad. 

With a proven track record of having established a thriving community in Hyderabad (Organo Naandi) and in the process of building another one in Chevella and having made inroads into Bangalore, Organo offered the precise solutions the Nizamabad doctors were seeking. One of Organo’s key missions is to help likeminded people and developers build eco-habitats that make sustainable living a natural way of life. And as things progressed, we joined forces with the Doctors. 

We are thrilled to mentor the Rurban Nest team and handhold the project to lead them to success. When our mission meets someone’s vision, and the philosophy is one, the outcome is bound to meet with collective success. 

All of us believe that we can live better and more responsibly in our rurban eco-communities and mainstreaming eco-habitats is one of our goals through our projects and mentorships.

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