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India's Net Zero Mission

Organo Aligns Its Vision With IGBC

Organo signed up for IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Mission on Net Zero, which was launched on the occasion of Earth Day 2021. Organo is proud to be a part of IGBC's vision to transform the built environment in India to Net Zero by 2050.

What is IGBC?

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes is the first rating programme developed in India, exclusively for the residential sector.

The objective of IGBC Green Homes is to facilitate the effective use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, handling of household waste, optimum material utilisation, and design for healthy, comfortable & environmentally friendly homes. What is IGBC?

What is the Net Zero mission?

Net Zero initiative by IGBC aims to facilitate 'India to become one of the foremost countries in transforming to 'Net Zero' by 2050'. They are strongly urging stakeholders to set intermediary targets every five years starting from 2025.

More than 1,000 participants attended the life through zoom. Many other social media platforms & close to 300 organisations signed up for the Pledge supporting IGBC's Mission on Net Zero.

International support

Many countries across the world have already set targets or committed to reaching net-zero on timescales. This has a formidable future in the areas of:

  • CO2 Emission Reduction
  • Clean Air
  • Adoption of Cleaner fuels
  • Health Benefits
  • New businesses & employment opportunities

Organo's belief

It's critical that real estate companies join such missions so that many more key milestones and roadmaps can be achieved in the coming future.

Organo believes that the earth is not inherited from our ancestors but borrowed from our children. We share this planet with millions of other species.

And it's critical to understand & ensure that all species continue to inhabit this planet — and not become extinct.It's critical that real estate companies join such missions so that many more key milestones and roadmaps can be achieved in the coming future.

As a token of appreciation towards our commitment, they enclosed a Certificate of Acknowledgement for collection and suitable uses.

IGBC Net Zero Energy Buildings Rating

The IGBC rating tool enables the designer to apply energy efficiency concepts and adopt appropriate renewable sources by design to achieve Net Zero Energy status.

For existing buildings, it enables the implementation of energy-efficient measures to reduce energy consumption.

It also meets the rest of the energy requirements through renewable energy sources to help in:

  • Improvement in energy efficiency & reduce annual energy consumption to the tune of about 30% with respect to the National baseline.
  • Reliable source of power supply, if combined with energy storage devices.

Adapting Net Zero Water helps in:

  • Improvement in water efficiency and hence reduction in annual water consumption to the tune of up to 50% with respect to the National baseline.
  • Reduced dependency on raw water.

Please watch the youtube video of the complete session.

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