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Nurturing the Young Generation in a Rurban Way

Fast-paced, technology-assisted, rapidly growing urban settings are considered a prospective place to live in this digital era. However, seldom we realise that during this accelerated journey we are missing out something really important called “peaceful living”. Nobody talks about it because deep inside we are aware that there is no concrete answer to this question. The sad reality is that children/young generations are the victims of this transformation. Wondering how???

The adults of the present generation are fortunate people as we got to experience a happy and peaceful childhood. But the children of this digital era rarely get an opportunity to feel or enjoy their surroundings and being close to nature. Besides, suburban or rural life was not just about the presence of healthy and beautiful surroundings but also about community living. 

Urban spaces have their own merits in terms of financial and career opportunities. Yet the feeling of alienation people experience inside the crowded skyscrapers, unhealthy surroundings, troubled lifestyles, and hectic schedules take out ‘life’ from ‘living’. And many of them end up just existing. Rather a ‘not so great’ place to nurture the future generation…

Now, what could be a holistic solution where we can find the best of both worlds. How about a Rurban life that perfectly blends and balances the comforts of an urban space with the values and blessings of a rural setup

If you are wondering whether there are advantages that Rurban children experience and cherish while growing alongside nature, we can count many. The first and foremost should be the availability of unadulterated food that is grown in their vicinity. It is not only a blessing but a learning experience for the young ones to cultivate interest towards agriculture growing their own food. Because as we all know healthy food is directly proportional to healthy humans.

Learning from nature is essential for children because nature has enormous wonders to satisfy their curious minds. Compassion and empathy are two important skills that these kids would acquire while co-existing with all that is part of nature. When they are living as part of a huge community, they become socially conscious and aware; a skill highly needed in the present world. 

We have to agree that young ones these days are far more intelligent and fast learners than we all used to be. Hence, what else could we provide than a healthy and safe surrounding, life skills, and experiences to enhance and nurture them to be an, even more, better version of themselves?

Do you want to gift your children such a ‘nature some’ place to grow up? Let’s connect...

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