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The journey is the destination - Part 3 - Learning from the mistakes

Most of us who live in the city have this innate urge to connect with nature. It’s human instinct to connect with the five elements that are the essence of life. It’s also human nature to aspire for growth and development. That is what drives rural people to sell their lands for better livelihood options. They don’t believe that farming is a lucrative profession, any more. Both city dwellers and rural populace were wretched with their lot. 


Man is a social animal he is not cut out for a solitary life. Especially, as a family. We can live only in groups. We need to live collectively. That’s fundamental. In one of those moments of introspection, a business idea was born as a solution to this problem.  

The Big Idea

The problem of congestion in cities is plaguing the lives of urbanites and taking a toll on their spirit. Safe food, air, and environment are what everyone is aspiring for. And the available real estate projects offering farming plots are not solving the core issue of farm living. The developers look at it solely from the business perspective without fulfilling the dwellers’ expectations or aspirations. I thought if we could build a business filling that gap, we would be able to provide that ideal farm living.

The `light bulb’ experience to fill this gap, led to the business idea. People out there are looking for a second home, which can serve their purpose of living closer to nature, establishing a connection to the food source, environment and people. A business idea of solving this problem was worth venturing into. I plunged into conceptualising an idea to create “Rurban Community.” A typology which is unique and addresses this gap. 

And we started by naming our first Eco-HabitatNaandi.”

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