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Cluster Clubs - Outdoor collective living rooms designed for social bonding

Organo Antharam community is an eco-community designed for feet rather than wheels. The intention was to create simple and safe street experiences that also brought back opportunities for residents to enjoy serendipitous meetings, carefree play, quiet areas for contemplation and vibrant spaces for collective gathering and celebrations.

The homes in Organo Antharam are designed in clusters along a central pedestrian street. Each cluster has approximately 20 homes. At the heart of each cluster is the cluster club. Here, this active social node acts as an outdoor collective living room, with special focus on activities that appeal to and across age groups.


Across the 6 clusters, there are cluster clubs that provide space and environment for various activities like co-working rooms, outdoor gatherings, children’s play areas, community kitchens, yoga decks, contemplation rooms, gaming areas, and other cultural activities.

The functional program for each cluster is designed such that families from one cluster will move to the other cluster clubs to share the amenities and cross-socialise across the various clusters. This is important to create greater social bonding and allow a variety of resident-driven activities to self-organise and occur.

Be it reading the morning newspaper on the club deck, or sharing home food recipes with each other, or having a team meetings during a weekend, or finding hiding places for easter eggs, or flying kites during windy days, these social oases help build strong, safe and inclusive communities, with increased social interaction, volunteerism, and civic pride all rolled in one.

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